As a leading opinion maker on investment law and arbitration, Nikos regularly publishes in various blogs and legal journals, which are reproduced on this website.

Nikos is also Managing Editor of the European Investment Law and Arbitration ReviewThe first issue was published in December 2016.



Reasserting control

[3-november-16 12:10:56]
Nikos most recent publication is a contribution entitled: How the European Commission and the EU Member States are Reasserting Their Control over Their Investment Treaties...

Provisional Application of CETA

[14-oktober-16 12:28:32]
As Secretary General of EFILA, Nikos also publishes on the EFILA blog. HIs most recent blogpost is: The Provisional Application of CETA is Coming Close...

Profiling anti isds propaganda

[11-oktober-16 12:20:35]
Nikos is a permanent contributor to the Kluwer Arbitration blog. This is most recent blogpost is:

Archive EFILA blogs

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All his other blogposts are available here:

Archive Kluwer blogs

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All his other blogposts are available here: