Appointment as Guest Professor International Investment Law

In recognition of my academic and practice experience, I have been appointed as Guest Professor International Investment Law at the Free University of Brussels, more specifically, the Brussels Diplomatic Academy. This is a great opportunity to transfer my knowledge and expertise in investment law to future diplomats, civil servants, policy makers, lawyers and academics coming from…


The proposal for a multilateral investment court: a work in progress

In my recently published comment in Borderlex, I assess the current situation regarding the proposal of the European Commission for a a multilateral investment court (MIC). This assessment is based on the stakeholder meeting, which took place on 27 Feb in Brussels. My conclusion is that lot’s of important issues remain unclear, for example, about…


Just published: The CETA-drama: Entering the dark age of protectionism and nationalism?

My guest lecture on the wider implications of the CETA-drama, which I delivered last November at the Innsbruck University, has just been published in the newest issue of Int’l Lis – Corriere trimestrale della litigation internationale. Click on the link to download the PDF file. 9382966_INTL_00134992_2016_03-04_0111 In this lecture, I explain that the CETA-drama, in particular,…


Brexit advisory service launched!

Now that the UK Government published its white paper on Brexit, many complex legal issues arise as to the trade relationship with the EU, but also with third states, such as the US, China. What kind of FTAs/BITs will the UK be able to conclude and with which countries? What kind of dispute settlement mechanisms will…


German Constitutional Court decision in Vattenfall

In my most recent blogpost I discuss the lessons which the decision of the German Constitutional Court (GCC) in the Vattenfall case can provide for the arbitral tribunal in the ECT Vattenfall dispute. Since the legal issues are very similar in both cases, it does not come as a surprise that the main elements of the legal analysis and conclusions…