Activities in corona times

Despite the huge impact of the corona crisis, fortunately work has continued at a relatively high level.Issue Cover

First and foremost, I am pleased that my article on The changing ecosystem of Dutch BITs has just been published in Arbitration International, arguably one of the best arbitration law reviews.

Second, my chapter on The ICS and MIC Projects: A Critical Review of the Issues of Arbitrator Selection, Control Mechanisms, and Recognition and Enforcement has been published in the Handbook of International Investment Law and Policy published by Springer.

Third, the following blogposts have been published in the past weeks:

Comment: What is the CETA drama in the Netherlands all about? on 13 February in Borderlex

EU UK agreement: an analysis of the EU’s proposed dispute settlement provisions on 23 March in Borderlex

Analysis: The EU’s pursuit of a greener Energy Charter Treaty on 17 April in Borderlex

Using the Paris Agreement in arbitrations on 31 March in Practical Arbitration blog

Fourth, the reviewing process for the next issue of the European Investment Law and Arbitration Review has started.

Finally, work continues in BIT case for an investor against a Balkan state.

Last but not least, I am so impressed by 100 year old Captain Tom and his NHS donation action: Donate too!