NL-IC Brexit Advisory

The uncertainty surrounding BREXIT has already negatively affected trade and investments into the UK and the EU.

Consequently, investors are in need of receiving competent legal advice on how to maintain optimal investment protection – whatever the shape or form of BREXIT will be.

Nikos advises on the whole range of legal implications from the perspective of EU law, investment treaty law and WTO law. In cooperation with other dedicated law firms, he is also able to advice on the most optimal corporate structure.

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The links below provide useful resources regarding BREXIT:

UK BREXIT White paper

Article 50 Withdrawal Agreement

Attorney General’s Statement on the Withdrawal Agreement

Nikos’ blogposts on BREXIT:

The potential incompatibility of the arbitration clause in the Brexit withdrawal agreement (Practical Arbitration blog, December 6, 2018)

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UK post-Brexit cannot escape the impact of EU law and of the Court of Justice of the EU(EFILA blog, September 26, 2017)

Brexit: Implications for the EU Reform of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (EFILA blog, April 12, 2016, written together with Sophie Nappert, 3 Verulam Buildings)